your team Will LEarn:

• Compliance With EEOC Best Practices

• EEOC-Recommended Civility and sensitivity Training

• Potential Consequence Of Civil Rights Law Violations

• Consent, communication, Professional Boundaries

• Emotional Intelligence

"One in three companies have dealt with a sexual harassment claim in the last two years" -Society For Human Resource Management

"Last year, EEOC alone recovered $164.5 million for workers alleging harassment" - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2015-2016

"I've worked on some of the most publicized sexual harassment cases of the MeToo era, advocating for victims as well as helping the accused make sense of their situations. The fact is that in almost every case, tragedy was the product of little or no education. Ignoring the Civil Rights Act and civility itself can cost you millions in the blink of an eye." - Ann Sz. Founder Of Beyond Harassment