Ann Sz, Founder

25 years crisis strategy, communications & trauma recovery. Experience on both sides of the most prominent sexual harassment and discrimination cases of the #MeToo era. 

Ann has a multidecade history of working with teams and individuals on issues of health, communication strategies, and business development. After beginning her career in media, she studied oriental medicine and trauma recovery. She splits time between a consulting practice specializing in teams and public figures in crisis- and helping men and woman recover from the effects of trauma. Ann has 25 years of experience helping victims, perpetrators of violence and the even the falsely accused to reintegrate wth their communities. She integrates expertise in communications and social learning to achieve this mission.


Ann works closely with legal counsel and media to help individual clients gain leverage for cases as well with recovery and reputational rehabilition.

In an unorthodox approach to the current turmoil around workplace and street harassment, Ann seeks to connect to people on all sides of this issue, focusing on constructive intervention and learning rather than scare tactics and blame. Her approach aligns with behavioral modification and social learning science. This model is much more effective at reaching your team, changing their perceptions and behaviors, and thus- sheltering your operation from risk. 


Dr. Lanae St. John, Advisor

Expert on human relationships, conversations around human sexuality and behavioral science, consent education.

Dr. Lanae St. John received her Doctorate in Human Sexuality from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. She develops curriculums, teaches classes, and works with clients to normalize conversations about sexuality, boundaries, respect, tolerance, and consent. A sought-after speaker. Dr. St. John divides her time between personal appearances, writing, and teaching classes on gender issues, equality, and human relationships at colleges in the San Francisco Bay area.

Dr. St John is an advisor to Beyond Harassment as we deliver sexual harassment and social civility and intelligence curriculums designed to help companies by becoming better community members. Her expertise and compassionate approach are invaluable in helping us make sure audiences receive an education that drives correct actions through use of psychology, and responsible professional conduct. 

Victoria Valentino, Cosby Survivor, Advisor, Premium Programs Keynote Speaker

One of the founding voices in the #Metoo movement, Victoria continues to shape public awareness and policies around the statute of limitations and civil rights.

Victoria Valentino is best known for standing beside "sister survivors" in the pursuit of justice against Bill Cosby. However, her work after Cosby's conviction promises to be the true culmination of her life's mission. In addition to helping abolish the statute of limitations on sexual assault in the state of California, Victoria continues her advocacy via acting, art, and teaching. With Beyond Harassment, she provides a unique "human element" in our campaigns to inspire both men and women to support each other with mutual respect and compassion. 

When approached by founder Ann Szalkowski, Victoria was thrilled by the prospect of transforming a frequently toxic topic into shared opportunities for healing communities. A woman decades ahead of her time, she is a living embodiment of inclusivity. Long before the MeToo movement, Victoria was a passionate advocate for civil rights and the single mother of a biracial son. She is a tireless supporter for all issues of gender and racial equality. Her insider knowledge of political, legal media, and professional landscapes make her an invaluable presence at high-level leadership training events. 

Scott, Former CEO

Blindsided by accusations of  sexual misconduct, Scott lost a multinational corporation within 72 hours. 

While everyone has read about disgraced public figures losing everything, no one thinks if could be them. Even though Scott was never charged with a crime and no suits were ever filed, the mere allegations of misconduct were enough to destroy his firm, his family, and his professional credibility. 

While including an accused party in trainings may be unorthodox, we find that it sets this training apart from all others. Hearing Scott's story immediately engages every person in the room, and makes the impact of these issues real. Your leadership and staff will immediately grasp the urgency of adopting better behaviors in a way no other training can provide.