Discrimination and harassment laws say you MUST address concerns.

Lawsuits and headlines around harassment can blow up within moments, and in the age of social media, word spreads within hours, not days. 

You must take action now.
Your response must be smart, immediate, sensitive to the human element, and both legally compliant and public perception savvy. 

We can step in at a moment's notice to help you get it right, demonstrating a proactive, high-integrity approach to correcting missteps- protecting your brand while you create a safer work space for all parties. 

If you've landed in a crisis, we're here to help.

We get it. These moments can be scary. Handled incorrectly, they end careers and cost companies billions overnight. They trigger strong, immediate reactions in the public, and you absolutely must act rapidly to address that with sensitivity. It is critical that you demonstrate comprehension of allegations' impact to all parties involved. 
Above all, you must act rapidly to show that your operation is taking corrective action RIGHT NOW. 
• Emergency consultations available now
• Optional interface with rapid response legal team
• 1-on-1 sensitivity interventions with high-risk individuals
• Confidential consultations with harassment victims
• Emergency course correction trainings
• Services customizable