"Workplace discrimination against employees based on race, gender or sexual orientation costs businesses an estimated $64 billion annually" - Center For American Progress

Be Part Of The Solution

Heavy Hitting Solutions For Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Risks 

Training & Prevention
Audits & Course Correction
Urgent Intervention


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How do you protect your operation if your team doesn't take the rules seriously?
Our founder:
• Has worked on the most publicized cases in the #MeToo movement... on both sides of the issue 
• Has 25 years experience in both communications strategy and trauma work  
• Is a survivor who's helped both accusers and accused make sense of risks and recovery
• Has helped public figures navigate and successfully rehabilitate from scandals. Unheard of- until now

Our program:
• Integrates perspectives from victims, accused, human resource experts, doctors and legal counsel 
• Emphasizes guidelines from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for Civil Rights Act Title VII & IV compliance
• Builds cooperation via EEOC recommended civility education, broad community participation, positive reinforcement 
• Drives home the message via a former CEO who lost his multinational corporation within 72 hrs of accusations emerging